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Vegetronix VH400-2M analog fugtsensor

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Z-wave Plus - Hank Flood Sensor HNKEFLD01

Vegetronix VH400-2M analog fugtsensor

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VH400 Soil Moisture Sensor Probes 

Soil Moisture Sensor

Our VH400 series soil moisture sensor probes allow precise, low cost monitoring of soil water content.

Because our probes measure water content of the soil using transmission line techniques, they are insensitive to water salinity, and will not corrode over time, as do conductivity based probes. Our probes are water proof, small, rugged, low power, and can be burried at any depth.

Compared to other low cost sensor such as gypsum block sensors, our probes offer a rapid response time. They can be inserted and take an accurate reading in under a second.

Probes come in standard cable lengths of 2 meters, 5 meters and 10 meters.

Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Applications

  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems.
  • Moisture monitoring of bulk foods.
  • Rain and weather monitoring.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Water conservation applications.

Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Features

  • Extreme low cost with volume pricing.
  • Not conductivity based.
  • Insensitive to salinity.
  • Probe does not corrode over time.
  • Rugged design for long term use.
  • Rapid response time.
  • Small size.
  • Consumes less than 13mA for very low power operation.
  • Precise measurement.
  • Measures volumetric water content (VWC) or gravimetric water content (GWC).
  • Output Voltage is proportional to moisture level.
  • Wide supply voltage range.
  • Can be buried and is water proof.
  • Probe is long and slender for wider use, including smaller potted plants.



Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Specifications

VH400 Sensor

Power consumption < 13mA
Supply Voltage 3.5V to 20 VDC.
Dimensions See drawing below.
Power on to Output stable 400 ms
Output Impedance 10K ohms
Operational Temperature -40ºC to 85ºC
Accuracy at 25°C 2%
Output 0 to 3V related to moisture content
Shell Color Red
Voltage Output Curves CurvesPiecewise linear equations
Certifications CE Declaration of Conformity

VH400 Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Drawing

VH400 Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Drawing

VH400 Soil Moisture sensor Drawing


Soil Moisture Sensor Probe Wiring Table

Bare Ground
Red POWER: 3.5V to 20 VDC.
Black OUT: (0 to 3V related to moisture content.)


How To Wire Up a Soil Moisture Sensor

The Techno Gardener shows you how to wire up a Vegetronix soil moisture sensor to a digital multimeter.


Producent HANK
Farve Hvid
Dimensioner 68 x 25 x 68 mm
Vægt 0.2000
Radiofrekvens 868,42 MHz
Radio-protokol: Z-Wave Plus

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Rækkevidde Udendørs ca 50meter, indendørs op til 30meter

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