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Z-Wave Plus - Aeotec ZW080-C15 Z-Wave 230 VAC Sirene ( Med backup Batteri ) AEO_DSD31

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Z-Wave Plus - Aeon Labs ZW080-C15 Z-Wave 230 VAC Sirene ( Med backup Batteri ) DSD31

Z-Wave Plus - Aeotec ZW080-C15 Z-Wave 230 VAC Sirene ( Med backup Batteri ) AEO_DSD31

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Product information "Aeotec Indoor Siren with Backup Battery"

The Aeotec indoor siren is an easy to install Z-Wave device which increases security in your home in no time. The siren will be plugged into an E27 socket and included into a Z-Wave network in few steps. This way, the siren will become part of your security system and can be activated by various alarm scenes such as burglary, fire and flood alarm.

The compact indoor siren alarms with three-step adjustable loudness with up to 106 dB and red LEDs as additional optical signal. The modifiable loudness allows to use the siren also as a doorbell extension, e.g. to extend the bell signal for hard to reach areas.

A special security feature is the integrated backup battery. With this battery the siren stays active, even in case of a power failure or when a burglar removes the siren from the power socket. 


  • Indoor siren for E27 power sockets
  • Compact and modern style design
  • Three-step adjustable loudness
  • Max. loudness: 106 dB
  • 5 different alarm tones
  • Backup battery
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 84x57x67 mm

Siren for indoors.


Sirens have always been designed to be installed outside your home. No more. Now the perfect accessory for your safety and security comes indoors.


plug in siren


No more wires. No more expensive installations. Setting up Siren couldn’t be simpler. Select where you want it to be in your home and plug it in to a power outlet.




siren decibels


Up to 106dB.
Siren has to immediately alert you to emergencies and safety problems. So that you always hear it, it has a high-intensity, 106dB speaker built right in.




siren with led lights


Visual alerts.
It’s not just Siren’s audio alerts that are helping to keep you safe. Siren is enhanced with visual alerts courtesy of 3 powerful, front-facing LEDs.


Siren for alarms.
Siren for safety.


Most sirens are made to be a part of a security system. They’re designed to be placed outdoors in the hopes of deterring break-ins or to alert your neighbours that something’s up. Siren from Aeotec works differently. It’s been crafted to keep you safe and secure when you’re home. The wellbeing of you and your family is its focus.


That’s why Siren offers 5 different alert tones. They’ve been designed for issues ranging from home intrusions to fire emergencies to falls. And they’re all available to you through your Z-Wave gateway so that you can perfectly optimise Siren for your security and safety needs.


Siren that’s smart.


Emergency backup.
Sometimes emergencies happen when your power is out. Sometimes it’s the emergency that causes it. Sometimes it’s an intruder preparing for entry. With its inbuilt, constantly recharging backup battery, Siren is always at the ready. Siren is always on, even when your power isn’t.


z-wave indoor siren


siren with z-wave
siren backup battery

Perfectly wireless.
Easy to install, Siren requires no wiring at all. It works wirelessly and is powered byZ-Wave, the leading standard in intelligent home automation and control. That means that Siren’s perfect wireless capabilities allow it to communicate up to 150 metres across your home, and that its compatible with over 1,000 other devices and Z-Wave gateways.

The siren will warn everybody in the building by a loud sound and a flashing light about an alarm. This product is especially suited for security applications in combination with other Z-Wave devices such as door or windows sensors or motion detectors. The siren gives a loud sound and a flashing warning light, so everybody in the building will know immediately that an alarm has occurred. The noise level of the siren is > 105 dB in range of 1 meter. The device can be plugged into any typical electrical outlet. During a power failure, the siren can operate with a internal lithium battery.


  • Radio protokol: Z-Wave,
  • Radio Frekvens: 868 MHz for EU,
  • Aktuator type: Sirenen både hyler og blinker
  • Placering: Indendørs
  • Batterialarm
  • Lydniveau: 106dB 
  • Strømforsyning: 230Vac
  • Omgivelsestemperatur: fra 0° C til 40° C

    Husk at konfigurere enheden efter installationen. Skulle du få problemer, er du meget velkommen til at kontakte vores service afd. eller kigge på PDF installationsvejledningen. Vi ønsker dig held og lykke med enheden, som vi forventer, vil give dig utrolige mange oplevelser.



    Kære internetbruger, vi takker for at du kiggede forbi på vores side.
Producent Aeotec
Vægt 0.2000
Strømforbrug 230 vac
Radiofrekvens 868 MHz
Radio-protokol: Z-Wave
Arbejds temperatur 0°C - 40°C
Rækkevidde indendørs op til 30meter

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