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Z-Wave Plus - Z-Uno Module ZMExZUNOM

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Z-Wave Plus -  Z-Uno Module ZMExZUNOM

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  • Home Center Lite ( JA )
  • Home Center 2 ( JA )
  • HomeSeer ( ? )
  • HOMEY ( ? )
  • NEXA ( ? )
  • Razberry ( ? )
  • Vera ( JA )      
  • Zipabox ( JA )
  • ZNet Lite V1/V2 ( ? )
  • HG2 ( ? )
  • HOMEE-0002 ( ? )
  • Smartthings ( ? ) 
  • Openhab ( ? ) 
  • Indigo ( ? ) 
  • Domoticz ( JA ) 





Product information "Z-Wave.Me Z-Uno Module"

Create your own z-wave world, either by wiring up to your DIY project or even design your custom PCB to include Z-Uno Module.

This small Z-Uno Module is made for business customers and geeks.

Z-Uno Module is designed to be added in your smart products like any other RF chip. It can be used as a Z-Wave modem or can also do processing of input signals in your device replacing existing MCU. Z-Uno Module have 26 GPIO, USB, UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, ADC and PWM to control a lot of peripherals. Z-Uno Module 100% software compatible with the Z-Uno Prototyping Board. 

Z-Uno is Z-Wave Plus compliant and supports Z-Wave Security S2.


  • Small Z-Uno Module 
  • Create smart products by your own
  • 26 GPIO, USB, UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, ADC and PWM
  • S2 security standard
  • Wireless technology: Z-Wave Plus

Being Z-Wave Plus certified device, Z-Uno is compatible with other controllers too.



Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 20.6 x 14 x 38.8 mm
Z-Wave Plus  
Z-Wave S2

Already own a Z-Uno? Check how to get started! Get more technical details and check Z-Uno pinout.

Producent Z-Wave.Me
Dimensioner 20.6 x 14 x 38.8 mm
Vægt 0.2000
Radiofrekvens 868,42 MHz
Radio-protokol: Z-Wave Plus
Rækkevidde Udendørs ca 50meter, indendørs op til 30meter

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